Your Partner in Organic Success

The rapidly growing organic market is a great opportunity for farmers, food processors, handlers, restaurants, and food retailers. Consumers are demanding, and are willing to pay a premium for, food and fiber produced in accordance with the USDA National Organic Standards. To access this market, you will need a knowledgeable and professional certification partner. As a USDA accredited certification agency with 20 years of experience, MOSA is ready to serve your needs. 

MOSA promotes organic integrity through practical, reliable, and friendly certification services.


MOSA Certified Organic is the second-largest organic certifier in the United States, and the largest certifier of livestock and dairy. We currently certify over 2000 clients in 20 states, including nearly 300 organic processors, distributors, retailers and restaurants. MOSA began in 1999 before the National Organic Standards were yet developed and MOSA, like certifiers across the country, used their own set of standards to determine organic qualifications. The National Organic Standards were implemented in 2002, and MOSA was among the very first USDA accredited agencies. MOSA is a fiscally-sound, stable, and well-respected nonprofit certification agency. We are a strong voice in the organic industry, and we work in partnership with the Accredited Certifiers Association, the National Organic Program, the National Organic Standards Board, Organic Materials Review Institute, and others. Our clients, staff, and board are all knowledgeable and experienced. MOSA currently has 36 staff and is headquartered in Viroqua, WI.


While we began as a Midwest focused organization, we now certify throughout the Midwest, Mideast, Great Plains, South Central, and Northeast United States. We are also rapidly expanding into new areas. We provide national service with a Midwest sense of practicality and friendliness. Please contact us to see if we can provide service in your area. If we cannot, we are more than happy to recommend other certifiers in your area.

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MOSA offers USDA National Organic Program certification services for farms, retailers, restaurants, distributors, processors, and feed mills. We also offer Grass-Fed Certification as an add-on for certified organic dairy and beef producers. In addition, we offer Transitional Verification for those who need it for organic transition cost share funding. Please contact us to see if we can help with your certification and verification needs.


Our client base is very diverse. Although we are well known as livestock and dairy experts, we certify many farm types including orchards, vineyards, mushrooms, wild harvest, hydroponic, aquaponic, market gardens, row crops, specialty grains, flowers, apiaries, and many more. We know farming and have the experience to answer questions specific to your operation. We are also proud to work with many different types of organic processors. Our clients are some of the most recognized and respected names in the organic foods marketplace including companies like Sno Pac, Kickapoo Coffee, Gold‘n Plump, Gedney Foods, Land ‘O Lakes, Standard Process, Harris Teeter, and many more. We can help you access the rapidly growing organic marketplace. In addition, we certify restaurants, grocery stores, food distributors, feed mills, and abattoirs. We want to be your partner in organic success!


8:30am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday. Thursdays by appointment.

If you are planning to stop by the office on a Thursday, please give us a call to make an appointment.

On any other day of the week, just drop in during our office hours. The MOSA office is closed on major holidays.

Leave a message any other time and your call will be returned promptly: 608-637-2526.

We encourage you to visit us and enjoy the natural beauty of southwestern Wisconsin’s “Driftless” region.

Vernon County, of which Viroqua is the county seat, is home to one of the highest concentration of organic farms in the United States.

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