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The Domestic Fair Trade Association (DFTA) is a membership organization. Our members include farmworkers and their organizations, farmers and farmer groups, retailers, NGOs, and food intermediaries such as, distributors, processors, and manufacturers.
Membership in our organization is by application. We set a high bar and expect our members to be committed to the principles of domestic fair trade and continually improving their practices.
Our members are diverse in terms of function and geography. The strength of the DFTA is our ability to bring together diverse businesses and organizations, such as an independent cooperative grocer in Washington, a farmworker organization in Florida, a farmer cooperative with a nationally recognized brand, and a non-profit advocating for pesticide reform, to advocate for a common vision of our agriculture system and of our system of trade and commerce.

DFTA Members at the 2014 Annual Meeting in New Orleans
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Domestic Fair Trade Association
3055 Wilshire Blvd #300
Los Angeles, CA 90010
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