Our Story

The seeds of our success go all the way back to 1900, when Harris Wishnatzki immigrated to New York City from Russia.  He began selling produce from a pushcart, which soon led to starting a wholesale business in 1922.  Eventually the family became involved in produce buying in Central Florida and made their way down south.

Over 90 years later, Wish Farms has continually evolved its operations through innovative procedures and strategic partnerships with its growers.  In 2010, the company launched its consumer brand, Wish Farms featuring Misty, the garden pixie.

Nationally recognized for quality and innovation, Wish Farms grows both conventional and organic varieties and is a year round supplier of strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries.  Wish Farms utilizes How’s My Picking?, a patented tool for traceability to ensure quality by tying consumer feedback to specific information from each day’s harvest.

Third generation family-owner, Gary Wishnatzki, takes great pride in continuing his family’s legacy while uploading the company’ core values of quality, integrity and responsiveness.

Wish Farms - history truck jam at farmers market

Late 1920s:

W&N purchased strawberries from a buyer in Florida. In those days, growers brought their produce each day to the farmer market auctions to be traded. While spending the winters in Florida, Harris got involved with the produce buying at the Plant City auction.


The Wishnatzki family moved to Florida to establish a produce shipping operation in Plant City.

Wish Farms - history strawberry wood boxes
Wish Farms - Joe WIshnatzki


Joe & Lester Wishnatzki, 2nd generation, joined the business.

Wish Farms - Bal Garys corner


3rd generation, Gary Wishnatzki, started working for the family.

Wish Farms - Gary and Therese Wishnatzki


Gary became President of the family business.

Wish Farms - large strawberry


In addition to marketing produce for outside farmers, Wish Farms began its own growing operation to help supplement produce supplies for the shipping business.

Wish Farms - fresh blueberries


Wishnatzki Farms expanded its berry portfolio and began marketing domestic blueberries.

Wish Farms - last land farms


The company invested in becoming a year round  berry supplier by establishing a California strawberry operation; providing fruit for its customers through the summer months.

Wish Farms - Wishnatzki Farms logo


After three generations, the Wishnatzki and Nathel families mutually agreed to split the companies with the Wishnatzki's overseeing the Florida division. The company was renamed Wishnatzki Farms and focused on growing and shipping fresh produce.

Wish Farms - fresh strawberries


The company invested in a strawberry processing facility to supplement production capacity. Fresh strawberries are processed to make juice and frozen products.

Wish Farms - blueberry strawberry clamshells


VirtualOne, an extention of Wishnatzki Farms, introduced FreshQC™ - How's My Picking?™, a patented system for produce traceability.

Wish Farms - farmers market


The consumer brand Wish Farms Misty the Garden Pixie was launched. Wish Farms was announced as the Florida Strawberry Festival Soundstage Sponsor.

Wish Farms - blueberry fields


The company officially changed its name to Wish Farms. The 4th generation Wishnatzki family members started working for the company. Wish Farms began importing blueberries from South America with suppliers from Chile and Argentina.

Wish Farms - pick blueberries


The import business expanded with the addition of British Columbia blueberries.

Wish Farms - child picking strawberry


The company's 1st Annual Strawberry Picking Challenge charity event was held raising $75,000 for the children at Redlands Christian Migrant Association.

Wish Farms - blackberry clamshell


Blackberries were introduced as the newest addition to our berry family. Conventional and organic blackberries available year-round established the perfect complement to our strawberry and blueberry programs. Blackberry growing regions include Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Mexico.

Wish Farms - welcome raspberry


Raspberries were introduced as the newest sweet addition to our berry family, making us an official provider of all four berries!

Wish Farms - Mexcian Banner


The company is 3rd generation family owned & operated and is still headquartered in the original office building located on the Florida State Farmers Market in Plant City, Florida.


Towards the end of our season, Wish Farms opens select strawberry and blueberry fields to the public, as well as local area food banks and other community organizations, to pick fruit that would otherwise go to waste.  Non-profit affiliated attendees pick for free and the general public pay a nominal fee which is donated to a sponsored charity.  Be sure to check this page for future updates.  We hope you can join us at the farm!

Wish Farms - child picking strawberry


  1. No smoking
  2. No pets
  3. No stepping on plants
  4. No throwing fruit
  5. Wear closed-toed shoes
  6. Use designated picking container
  7. Please remember to be respectful.

This is a working farm. Have fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

At Wish Farms, we love hearing feedback from you. Below are a list of frequently asked questions related to Wish Farms and our growers, strawberries and blueberries, health and nutrition, growing practices and more.

If you have a question that is not listed, click here to connect with us!

Growing Berries

Where are Wish Farms berries grown?
Wish Farms strawberries are grown in Florida as well as Central and Southern California.  Wish Farms blueberries are grown in both North and South America, including the Southeast U.S., British Columbia, Argentina and Chile.  For a full list of growing regions and interactive map click here.

How can I find out where my purchased berries were grown?
With our patented traceability tool, How’s My Picking?™, Wish Farms has the ability to trace our product back to the grower, variety, field location, date and time.  A unique 16-digit code is tied to specific information for each individual package of berries.  Learn more about our How’s My Picking?™ program and enter the trace back code from your berry package. 

Do Wish Farms offer organically grown berries?
Yes, Wish Farms offers both organic strawberries and organic blueberries at select times of the year.

  • Organic Florida strawberries available December through April.
  • Organic California strawberries available March through September.
  • Organic Florida blueberries available April through May.
  • Organic California blueberries available January through May.
  • Organic Chilean blueberries available January through March.

View our Availability Calendar & Growing Regions.
View a list of grocery stores that carry the Wish Farms brand.

About Berries

How are Wish Farms berries harvested?
Wish Farm berries are all hand-picked and harvested at the perfect time to ensure quality freshness and flavor. Throughout the season, strawberry plants are picked about every 3 days. Strawberries are picked and packed in the field.  Berries are checked and scanned at the quality control station. Once inspected, fruit is taken to the cooler and pre-cooled to 36 degrees. Blueberries are handpicked into lugs, then sorted and packed with the help of a blueberry packing line. Learn more about how we grow.

Where can I buy Wish Farms berries?
Wish Farms strawberries and blueberries are available year round at select retailers. If you do not see the Wish Farms Misty the Garden Pixie label at your local retailer, be sure to talk to your Produce Manager and put in a request.  We appreciate your support and love of fresh berries! View a list of grocery stores that carry the Wish Farms label.

Do berries continue to ripen after they have been harvested?
Strawberries and blueberries do not continue to ripen after they are picked. For strawberries, be sure to avoid white shoulders and seedy tips. Choose a package of berries that look perfect and ready to eat! Learn more about Berry Care & Handling.

What makes berries so nutritionally beneficial?
Strawberries are one of the healthiest and nutrient rich foods you can eat! With approximately 50 calories per cup, loads of antioxidants and high potassium content; strawberries can assist in preventing heart disease, stroke and even certain types of cancer.  Strawberry nutrition learn more.

Blueberries are a superfood that pack a punch!  They are loaded with vitamins C, E and A, as well as a great source of potassium, calcium and iron.  Blueberry nutrition learn more.

Berry Care

Do I need to wash my berries before eating them?
Yes, we recommend washing your berries right before consuming.  If you wash the berries too soon, they will absorb the water and start to breakdown quickly.  Your berries will be fresher and last longer if you rinse them under cool water just prior to eating.  Learn more about Care & Handling.

What is the best way to store berries once purchased?
It is best to store your berries in the refrigerator as soon as you return from the grocery store.  For optimum freshness, berries should be stored in a dry cool place.  Learn more about Care & Handling.

Food Safety

Does Wish Farms have a Global Food Safety Program?
Wish Farms’ Food Safety Program includes certification by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), the highest level in food safety management systems, covering both GAP and GMP. The Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) includes a series of food safety checkpoints covering farm production and post-production. In addition, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) covers food safety procedures in our warehouse and coolers.

Our berry processing facilities are certified by Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) which, defined by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), is a systematic approach to the identification, evaluation, and control of food safety hazards.

Wish Farms is compliant with the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI), which implements case-level electronic traceability across our strawberry and blueberry shipments. We have gone above and beyond this industry-driven standard and developed a patented traceability system called FreshQC™ How’s My Picking?™ achieving item-level produce traceability. Learn more about our Food Safety Program.

Does Wish Farms add color or artificially enhance its berries?
Absolutely not.  Wish Farms strawberries are naturally red and our blueberries are naturally blue.  Berry color and hue can vary based on the variety, the weather, and harvest timing.  Wish Farms does not enhance or modify the color of our berries whatsoever.

Are Wish Farms berries genetically modified (GMO)?
Absolutely not. Wish Farms does not grow any genetically modified products.

When something is deemed genetically modified it means that foreign genetic material was inserted into an organism, not through traditional breeding.  This material can come from multiple sources, including another plant or animal species or a synthetic gene created in a lab.  Most of the corn and soybeans grown in the U.S are genetically modified. All strawberry varieties grown commercially in the U.S. were bred through traditional hybridization and selection. Also, keep in mind that just because something is labeled “organic” doesn’t mean that its conventional counterpart is genetically modified.  At Wish Farms, we offer both conventional and organic berries, both of which are safe to eat and feed to your family – it’s really a matter of personal preference.

Does Wish Farms use pesticides?
At Wish Farms, our primary concern is the safety of our product and the well-being of both our field workers and the end consumer.  All pesticides used are in compliance with federal and state laws, and comply with the registration policies of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA).  Pesticide use is within the legal tolerance enforced by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (US FDA).

An essential part of a balanced diet including eating fruits and vegetables daily.  Health experts advise, that regardless if conventionally or organically grown, consuming fresh produce will provide the most nutritional value for our diet and far outweighs any risk of pesticide residues on produce.  A great resource to educate yourself and make the right decision for your family is www.safefruitsandveggies.com.

Learn more about Wish Farms’ food safety program.

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