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For over thirty years families in the Pacific Northwest have made Stocker Farms a destination farm every summer and fall. The “Big Red Barn” has become your Family Adventure Farm for the month of October. We are pleased and honored to welcome a second generation of parents bringing their children out to the farm to pick pumpkins just like they used to in the good ol’ days.

As 4th & 5th generation farmers in Snohomish, we along with our sons & many farm team members are grateful to carry on the Stocker tradition of farming.  The current farm was started by Keith’s Grandpa Ed in 1919 when he came of age and struck out on his own by moving down the road one mile from his parents who were the first Stockers in Snohomish. Grandpa Ed & Grandma Sara raised a family including Keith’s now deceased Dad – Ed Jr.  Ed and Ed ran a successful dairy until Highway 9 was built and went right through the middle of their largest barn. That did not stop them from farming; they swiftly began growing row crops and sweet corn.  When Keith was a kid, he fondly remembers sitting on the tailgate of his Grandpa’s truck selling corn and using a cigar box to make change.

Keith’s parent’s Ed & Edith started a roadside stand in 1983 at the end of the same driveway where Keith sold corn as a boy. They sold sweet corn, vegetable crops and a crop they did not know was going make Snohomish famous - Pumpkins! The now closed Country Market grew from that same spot at the end of the driveway.

The number of families that came in the fall for pumpkins kept growing and growing until we did not have enough room anymore at the Country Market so in 2000, we moved west across Highway 9 to where the old dairy farm had been. With plenty of land and excitement we hurled ourselves into making a Family Adventure Farm for you, complete with a “Big Red Barn.”

Please come “Enjoy More Family Time” on our farm in the beautiful Snohomish Valley.

Besides having fun, we want families to become involved with agriculture by seeing and experiencing where their food comes from.  How is this possible?  Take an adventure out to our farm - pick pumpkins, squash & blueberries, walk through a field of corn, see the weeds that grow with the pumpkins, see sunflowers standing tall, and look up to realize you are standing in the middle of the Snohomish Valley surrounded by farmland, foothills and the Cascade Mountains.

This story would not be complete without giving much heartfelt credit to all the wonderful people who work with us on the farm and have worked with us in the past. Each of you are an important part of the farm and we could not do it without you.

Thank you for keeping our family farming this piece of farmland since 1919.

It is our pleasure to host you and your family….
Keith & Janet Stocker, Ivan & AnnMarie Stocker and Raleigh Stocker

What age is Stocker Farms suited to and do adults have to pay to come in?


At Stocker Farms we have created a Family Adventure Farm for your entire family, including babies all the way up to Grandparents. Come enjoy more family time! Your entire family is going to have fun together smiling at each other. Memories to cherish a lifetime. Ages 3 and up pay admission to have a great time. Remember your camera!

Do I have to pay an entry fee to pick pumpkins?


If all you want to do is pick pumpkins, please come on into the pumpkin patch. All you have to pay for are the pumpkins you want to take home. Come back another day to enjoy all the fun activities on the farm.

Can I leave and come back later in the day?


Yes, you will be given a wristband that lets you come and go as you please for the day. Field trip participants are the exception to this.

Do I need to bring a wagon for my pumpkins?


We supply wagons and wheelbarrows for your pumpkin picking and to haul your prized pumpkins to your vehicle. Don’t forget to stop at the Pumpkin Washing Station to clean up your prized pumpkins before taking them home.

How big is the maze?


The maze is 10 acres. It is divided into two halves which you can adventure through during the daytime. There are miles of trails and two tall bridges to observe from. At night, only the second half is open for travel. Flashlights and or glow sticks are helpful at night.

How long does it take to navigate the maze?


It varies for each group or person. Some people are wizzes at it and others, well, Get Lost! On average people trek through the maze in about an hour. Midway through during the day you get the choice to stop after the first half or continue on through the next 5 acres.

Will I get lost in the maze?


Well that is part of the fun and we have designed it to give your family a real adventure. Throughout the maze there are maps and trail finder clues. If you can answer the questions correctly you will do a great job of finding your way through the miles of trails. Of course the tall bridges are always a welcome change to get above it all and scope out where you have been and where you are going. “Sometimes getting lost is the best way to find yourself.”

How scary are the haunted mazes at night?


The haunts are most definitely intended to be scary. If you get scared then we have done our job. Stalker Farms is most appropriate for ages 12 and older. We let you parents make that decision for your children as you know them better than we do. There are no refunds if you get scared, as that is the point of a haunt. The building crew and the acting staff for Stalker Farms work very hard to create an outstanding haunt experience for you. Please come enjoy the ultimate scare experience at Stalker Farms!

Can I eat the corn?


You will not want to – it is cow feed corn and not very tasty for people.

How do you make the maze?


It is top secret information! Just kidding, really it is quite easy. The corn is planted in a grid pattern and the design is drawn up on grid paper. From the grid paper we transfer the design into the field and cut it in when the corn is still very short.

Do you give refunds for rain and muddy conditions?


No, Pacific Northwest weather is what we all have to deal with. We will let you know when the corn maze becomes super muddy, normally towards the end of October.

Do you have a place for parents to change diapers and nurse babies?


Yes, new this year we have a new room built into the end of one of the new mini-barns. It is located inside pumpkin park near the windmill.

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